‘The Indian Engineering Anthem’

Engineering, what it is? If you ask me I will still say that it is the most interesting study of most simple and complicated things that anyone could have in their life. But the reality is something different or something shameful thing if you are an unemployed or low-wage working professional. Why?


Ask any engineering graduate and he will explain to you why it was a mistake to choose engineering. Their first answer would be that it was the biggest mistake they have ever committed. Why they are saying it? The reason is they are not refusing you to take engineering as a course. But it is a kind of mistake made by them when they chose it. Why society? Let us start back from 2000. In 2000 – 2001 there was a great demand for engineers as they were getting better salary packages comparing from other stream graduates. Then like any other thing which happens in our country called ‘ bhed chaal’. Every parent dreamed that their child will be an engineer. So they pursued their dream and forced their children to do the same.  This data will hurt you but it is the reality that over 92% of engineers are not skilled to get a job as an engineer.

Here are the reasons:

  1. They don’t what kind of job they will do after passing out those four terrible years. E.g. A mechanical engineer thinks that they will run an industry but they have zero knowledge how to manage a CNC.
  2. Most of the subjects don’t even play any role in our entire career.
  3. After studying day and night just to pass an examination is like work done by an ass. It is something called ‘the hard work not smart work’. It fails when we don’t have any knowledge what is our career.

    Why really it happened? There are a number of reasons for it as it varies every state of India.

The another sad part is one working engineer commits suicide out of 20 every day in India. Why? The main reason as you know is unemployment. The others are low salary, tough competition and so on.

So now let us make a look on the stats:

There are total 7080 engineering colleges registered under AICTE board. The most number of colleges are in Tamil Nadu which is topping the chart with more than 900+ colleges in its kitty. then we have Utter Pradesh, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab.

The most student traps in this cage as they are unable to clear the

and then forced to choose these private universities. Then these universities, play the game of just clearing exams semester wise and nothing else. The reality is somehow crueler in some university. The story gets more terrible from here as some become get addicted to drugs, some don’t know what to do but in the end left with the option to just clear those meaningless exams.


Then the story gets more fearful from here………..




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